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Valentime is a popular free dating site that specializes in connecting foreigners and mostly Ukrainian female singles, as well as girls from neighboring countries. Thanks to a professional team of Valentime and advanced site features being constantly improved by the platform developers; you can easily communicate with beautiful girls from Eastern Europe. In addition, the Valentime platform cares about the safety of its customers – it uses the most advanced cybersecurity and SSL technologies.

The site also has a large user base and a low percentage of fraudulent users, so you have plenty of worthy options to chat with on Thanks to smart algorithms, the search engine works accurately. In strict accordance with your queries, the solution selects users who you are likely to have matches with.

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Over the years of its successful work, Valentime has established itself as a reliable and effective site for providing dating services and matching foreigners with Ukrainian singles. Unlike most similar platforms, Valentime does not have a paid subscription but operates on a pay-per-action basis. The platform also has its own currency – “credits.” The unit is equivalent to $0.50. Many users of the great Valentime site have appreciated this concept since they know exactly what they are spending money on. This is what many Valentime reviews state.

The sophisticated service of Valentime is budget-friendly. If you want to know more information about this advanced platform, then keep reading this Valentime review of the website. We will reveal all the truth about Valentime and share with you the insights from other Valentime dating site reviews.

Pros /Cons:


  • Free signup available;
  • Low prices;
  • Requests for a real meeting are accepted;
  • Virtual and real gifts;
  • Customer data protection;
  • A lot of advanced communication tools and features.


  • Free platform access is limited;
  • You have to pay to unlock all platform features;
  • No mobile app.

What Is

Valentime is a popular website whose main users are Western men who dream of building romantic or serious relationships with Ukrainian women. This platform is different from most similar sites. First, there is no monthly fee. Users pay only for the services they use. Another difference is that the Valentime site has its own currency. The payment system is liked by most of the site users since it is easy to follow and is budget-friendly.

From another Valentime dating site reviews, it became known that the platform has a lot of effective features, which are much cheaper than those of competitors. For example, the live chat service costs only 2 credits per minute; the price of 1 min of video chat is only 50 credits. In case you are ready to take more serious actions, then you can also send both a virtual and a real gift to the girl you like. The cost of a present is 100 credits; the delivery time is a couple of days. For those who wish to see their partner in person, the Valentime site organizes real meetings. The service costs 625 credits and is called Set Date. The price does not include your travel expenses, which is also worth mentioning in this review. Keep in mind that a real date is only possible on the girl’s side.

Valentime at a Glance

  • Best for: people who are looking for beautiful Ukrainian singles
  • Recommended age: 18-50
  • Number of members: thousands
  • Favorite features: live chat, video chat, virtual gifts

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How Does Valentime Work?

Valentime is best designed for users of any level of Internet use. To become a full-fledged member of the site, you need to signup. This procedure takes a couple of minutes. You just need to follow a few steps:

  • You register an account at Valentime;
  • You fill your profile with quality content;
  • You upload a photo;
  • You start to view the profiles of other users;
  • You add beautiful girls you like to your friendslist;
  • The advanced system analyzes your requests and automatically suggests girls who you may have a match with.

The professional site staff strongly recommends not to disclose your real data, such as your name, phone number, and address. Thus, you can be sure about your safe and effective online communication.


As Valentime dating reviews state, its free search system works accurately and flawlessly. All you need to do is to set the extensive search criteria; then, the smart program will do everything by itself. You can also filter users by criteria such as age, race, weight, height, hair color, etc.


To access all the sophisticated site features and customer base, you need to become an authorized user. To do this, you need to register and provide the information:

  1. Name (nickname);
  2. Password;
  3. Email;
  4. Date of birth;
  5. Sex.

We recommend that you fill out your profile with quality content and upload a profile picture; thus, your personal page will be ranked high and will be visible to all users. Since your site’s ranking depends on the quality of your profile, the more accurate the information is, the more often girls will see you.

Profile Quality

Is Valentine any good? Yes, it is. The quality of most of the profiles on the site is high. Since the platform’s primary focus is on ensuring the security and connectivity of its customers, users understand the efforts of the platform staff. The administration checks each profile before approving it. Thus, all users fill out their profiles with valid information and upload real photos.

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Help & Support

The professional customer support team is available around the clock and helps users from all over the world to solve their problems. The processing time of the request takes from several minutes to a day. How can you contact them? You can call them, send an email, or leave a chat message. Qualified staff will be happy to solve your problem.


As stated earlier in this review on Valentine dating site, its pricing system is one of the things that most of the platform’s users liked. The platform has its own currency and a flexible system of payments. The cost of 1 service unit is $0.50. Here are the services you can use:

  • Live chat – 2 units/ minute;
  • Chat Stickers – 5 units/ each;
  • Video chat – 50 units/ video;
  • Send letter – 30 units/ each;
  • Profile video – 25 units/ per video;
  • Sending a photo – 10 units/ each;
  • Upload your own video profile – 100 units/ per video;
  • Make a request for a real meeting – 625 units.

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Is Valentime A Real Dating Site?

Yes, it is a true leader in the industry. It is a real dating site with a large customer base, so you can easily meet people from different continents. Most of the users are men from the USA, Canada, Western Europe looking for charming girlfriends from Eastern Europe, in particular Ukraine.

How Many Members Use Valentime Services?

This advanced platform is used by thousands of active users, who are on the site around the clock and are extremely happy about the service. Therefore, you can find your love at any time.

Is Valentime Worth Paying For?

Is Valentime a good dating site? It is a popular site that is great for Western men and unsurpassed beauties from Ukraine. It is really worth it offers a huge range of services of top quality and a large customer base covering young and beautiful ladies.

How To Use Valentime?

Thanks to the constant improvement of great services, everyone can use the site. All you need is to complete the registration step by step, fill out the profile, and start looking for the pretty girls you have dreamed of using the exact search engine.

Is Valentime Free?

The site is free. Since there is no paid subscription here, you pay only for a one-time use of a particular function.

Can I Use Valentime Anonymously?

You can hide your identity when using this great site. To do this, you need to go to the settings and select the information that you want to hide from users. It boasts of a high level of service and account adjustability, so you can fine-tune it to your personal needs and preferences.

How Can I Delete My Valentime Profile?

This process takes even less time than registering. To perform the operation, you need to go into the settings, find the appropriate button at the top menu bar, and click it. In case you have changed our mind, you can quickly restore the page. Just go to the email and confirm the recovery profile.

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